Opening Kit

Opening Kit

A complete kit with all the products you need to get to know Phytoca.

This Kit contains:

Prep Shampoo | 3.38 oz

The Phytoca Prep Shampoo removes residues from hair by cleansing it deeply, producing a rich foam that removes the impurities and dead cells.

Reducer Plus | 3.38 oz

Keratin treatment to reduce hair volume and frizz.

Emulsion Zero | 3.38 oz

The Emulsion Zero has in its formula technological actives that reduce hair volume without leaving it dry or dull. Formaldehyde-free.

PH Balance | 3.38 oz

Phytoca PH Balance is a nourishing acidifier suitable for use after chemical processes that modify the original pH of the hair (highlights, hair coloring and keratin treatments). The benefits of a mask and the finishing of a conditioner in one single product.

Recovery Anti-Break | 1 oz

Recovery Anti-Break is an anti-breakage regenerating treatment of the hair fiber. Redensifies the cuticle and deeply recovers hair, thus returning resistance, elasticity and hair body. 

Recovery Reconstructor 12 in 1 | 1 oz

Phytoca Recovery Reconstructor 12 in 1 Leave-in is a hair rebuilder indicated to repair dry, damaged and brittle hair.

Every Day Leave-in Milk | 1 oz

Every Day Leave-in Milk is a thermal protector with powerful detangling action.

Iron Fix | 1 oz

Iron Fix is indicated to provide hair volume and texture.

Multicare | 1 oz

Phytoca Multicare is a multiple protector that creates a protective layer around the hair fiber against high temperatures and heat sources (flat irons and hair dryers).

  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free


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